DevOps can be accessed only internally at the moment.
A launch for (semi-) public access is planned for autumn 2018.

Welcome to GEOMAR.DevOps!

GEOMAR.DevOps connects staff members, who are in charge of programming and software development in general, with central services operated by the IT departments.

The over-all goal of GEOMAR.DevOps is to ensure and sustain a modicum of quality control for software products provided by GEOMAR and developed by its staff members. It depicts possible ways of a modern, comprehensible and citable software development for both developers with basic programming skills and for experienced coder.

The GEOMAR.DevOps portal is therefor split into the following main sections: 

- Assistance with the general software development and management and a best-practice workflow
- Answers to questions of suitable licenses and a citable publication of software
- Information about vavailable services and development environments
- Proposed solutions and a list of software already under development
- Programming courses and support for tutors


GEOMAR.DevOps is an initiative by the Developers Group and is maintained and enhanced by its members. The Developers Group and the GEOMAR.DevOps platform both make the Knowledge-Hub "Software Development".